There are a lot of reasons why I love Coldwell Banker.  The main reason is that I can't believe the quality of the tools I have at my disposal.  Then there's the education which is amazing.

I literally go into every negotiation with a "leg up" on other agents.  For sellers, I have tools that literally find buyers everywhere in the world that are likely to buy the property.  That in itself is amazing.

For my buyers, there is just so much information available at my fingertips to connect my buyer with exactly the right home.

Here is the final deal maker.  It's the way other realtors in my brokerage are such a team that looks out for each other, taking time to help, and having each other covered when life takes you into some different priorities. 

I would love to introduce you to Coldwell Banker so you can experience what I have found.  Contact me for more information!