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Real Estate

Things have changed!

Remember how we used to find a home?  It involved a lot of looking through ads, driving around, looking at properties, finding that they looked different from the pictures, then rinse and repeat, over and over again, until you were completely exhausted and discouraged.

Then came the internet!  Great!  Now we could find a home on the internet, drive around, look at properties, find that they looked different from the pictures, and here we go again.

I do things differently.  I can't promise that buying a home is going to be totally stress-free, but I can promise that I will make it as stress free as possible.

The picture sums it up, so feel free to print it off and refer to it.  I have a 7 step process to get you into a new home while eliminating all of the wasted time and energy.

Step 1 - Start by contacting me.  You can e-mail me, call me, or text me.  That's my direct number - 321-339-8740.  Give me some basics on what you are looking for.

Step 2 - I video conference you.  Don't worry.  I'll send you a link and you can respond on your phone, tablet, laptop, whatever.

Step 3 - I immediately show you properties that meet your criteria.  Not out of date ones from third party on-line sites.  These are properties right off the MLS (multi-list service) here in Brevard County.  You can't get more current than that!

Step 4 - We work together to pinpoint what interests you.

Step 5 - I go and preview the properties and I take you with me... virtually of course.  We walk through together by video!

Step 6 - You will probably want to physically come and see at least one of them, since it is after all one of the biggest investments you make!  However, you don't even have to do that if you don't want to.

Step 7 - When you find just the right property, everything from contract to closing is handled electronically.  

So are you telling me I can sit in my chair at home and pinpoint the property I want from anywhere in the world?  Yes, that's exactly what I am saying.  No travel, no gas, no air travel, no frustration, no risk!