A Moment In Time

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Real Estate

“A Moment in Time.“

Given our current situation, and the research I have been doing, we are in a unique situation in the real estate market.  No one seems to know where it will go long term, but there are some interesting short term trends:

 1.  Many sellers of used homes have effectively gone on “sellers strike” by pulling their homes off the market until the pandemic situation clears.  The ones remaining are in a strong selling position.  There are still buyers needing to buy although there are temporarily less of them.

2.  Mortgage rates remain at historic lows.  Someone utilizing one of my lenders was able to get a mortgage under 3% in the last couple of weeks!

3.  Builders are still building new homes and pushing them to market.  They have to sell!  They are on a timeline with their construction loans and the inventory has to move.

 What does this mean?

 For the next few weeks, you have a window of time that you may be able to take advantage of these market conditions with the builders.  I have several that I work with and know what the inventories are.

I can work with you through as much of this process as you want “virtually” (check out my seven step plan), so please give me a call and...

Let me guide you “virtually home”!